Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brave new whirl

Did my very first podcast tonight, using Skype net-conferencing software. Naturally, like most astounding, revolutionary, paradigm-shifting, must-have technologies, it failed halfway through the interview...though my hosts didn't realize it at the time, so we'll need to re-record at a later date. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless. No one who interviews me seems to understand why anyone with an IQ higher than a tangerine's would "fall for" self-help. To me, though, that's the point in a nutshell: that otherwise intelligent, even skeptical individuals will suspend disbelief in this one area, and this one area only. Guys who'd refuse to pay a certified public accountant $200 to help them prepare their taxes ("what do I need him for, and it's all a big scam anyway") will fork over $10,000 to watch Tony Robbins jump up and down on-stage and pontificate on the "energy frequencies" of foods. Like the running gag in Saving Private Ryan, it's definitely FUBAR... Oh, as to the title of this post. Go to, scroll down to find the noun form of the word, definition 3. It fits all-around.

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