Thursday, July 14, 2005

[continued from front page] the slant of my book,
if you want to read or hear glowing reviews of any and every independent guru or motivational enterprise doing business today, just turn on your TV, open almost any paper or magazine, and/or browse the Web, with its zillions of human-potential blogs. This blog is my (modest) rebuttal to all that. Then again, in some cases—like the Breatharian Institute—is a rebuttal really necessary?

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Anonymous said...

Read your book. I have noted that SHAMmery exists in the places you say, but I also believe it exists in the places you have NOT mentioned...such as the 'traditional medine' realm. Yes, my bio-keniesiologist will stress test me to see if I will benefit from a certain food, herb or homeopathic remedy, but I've noted that a doctor will not send you for a blood test before prescribing a thing. Despite the fact that a doctor will only see you for 10 or 15 minutes (IF YOU'RE lucky) and tear off a prescription faster than you can say "Run Laddy" - there is no talk of lack of responsibility there. Oh, and tons of people die in hospitals from treatments, cancer, misdiagnosis, etc., far more than 'alternative medicines.' Do your homework. You're biased. And we folks can know ourselves and do have the ability to help ourselves. Period.