Sunday, July 31, 2005

OK, this is just too good...

So today I open my journalismpro mailbox, and I discover that my friend Tony Robbins is soliciting me to order a video headlined as follows:

(For those whose eyes may need some self-help, the title is Relationship Revival--a canny play on Dr. Phil's very successful Relationship Rescue--and the subhead is "connecting with those you love." The body copy goes on to ask "how much of a priority is your relationship with your significant other?" It then informs me that "each part of our lives meets each of our human needs at a different level," before inviting me to "watch as Tony helps a man determine his own levels to save his marriage." (The way I get to do this watching is by ordering the program, of course. For $210.)

What makes this mordantly funny is that Tony is spamming his community (which I evidently joined back when I registered for his discussion boards, while researching SHAM) with this save-your-marriage product at the precise moment in history when he's finishing up a libel trial that revolved around a newspaper's allegations that he stole the wife of businessman John Lynch while he (Robbins) was dumping his own wife of many years. Now, Tony denies the first part of it; that's what the trial was about, and in fairness, his primary accusers later recanted. But it's beyond dispute that in 2000, Tony unburdened himself of his first wife, the dimunitive Becky. (At 5-2, she stands, or stood, a good 17 inches shorter than Mount Anthony.) And it wasn't long before he began being seen in public with the former Bonnie Lynch, now known more colorfully (and, no doubt, profitably) as Sage Robbins.

Maybe somebody should've given Tony his own video back then, huh?

Amazing. Simply amazing. Wonder how many copies he'll sell...

Speaking of Dr. Phil and rescuing relationships, in his book he asserts, among other things, that "your relationship is in trouble because you set it up that way." It's a typically simplistic observation that allows no room for unforeseen circumstances, "growing apart," or the myriad other factors that play havoc with long-term relationships... And it is just me, or does it not also remind you of that classic line of twisted reasoning that domestic abusers have always used in blaming their wives for provoking their own mistreatment: "Now see what you made me do!?"

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