Friday, August 26, 2005

The thing about blogging is,

you have to keep finding fresh content. OK, I've been remiss. But I've been busy. And to be honest--in a rather self-pitying way--one sometimes wonders if there's anybody out there reading this stuff. That question was answered for me in recent days by two individuals who (separately) emailed me, asking “hey, why haven't you posted anything new in so long?” One of them sent me a good-naturedly chiding article on proper blog maintenance. (Thank you, Justin.) Now, my natural knee-jerk response is, if you're actually reading SHAMblog, and you care enough to note the staleness of content, why haven't you been posting any comments about what I've written to date? I guess that's not the point, though--and I'm told it's improper blog etiquette to even raise such issues. A blog is a blog is a blog, and there's no automatic expectation of, well, post-pro-quo. So here goes again. And apologies to anyone else who may have been wondering what became of me.

This is pub week for the UK version of SHAM, and supposedly there is much major PR upcoming. In fact--he notes peevishly--there is so much high-visibility PR, in so many top-shelf publications, that I wonder, frankly, why I haven't had this level of success at penetrating U.S. publications. To date, SHAM has generated precisely one off-the-review-page feature in top American newspapers and magazines. Whereas, by the end of next week, if all goes as planned, I will have been "serialised" (spelling in honor of my friends in the UK), or will have published original SHAM-themed content, in at least six major newspapers and/or newsweeklies at various points throughout the one-time British empire, including the prestigious London Sunday Times. My son jokes that I may be destined to become the David Hasselhoff of nonfiction, which is a classic line (though I vaguely hate him for son, that is, not Hasselhoff). But the best, most commonsensical explanation may have come from a former student of mine: "I guess," she says, "it's easier for them to laugh at us than it is for us to laugh at ourselves." So true. And so fundamental to SHAM's success...

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