Friday, September 16, 2005

Tempers, anyone?

The interesting thing about Dr. Phil's reported meltdown on the Letterman set this past Monday--and if you haven't heard, observers say he blew up at Late Show staffers after being told he'd have to follow U.S. Open tennis champ Roger Federer, who got the traditional seat of honor as Dave's first guest--is that it represents further confirming evidence of what McGraw's seldom-mentioned first wife, Debbie, once told me, as quoted in SHAM: "It's always about him." McGraw was there, after all, largely to talk about his role in the Katrina recovery (see post immediately below). Under those circumstances, you'd think that a man whose heart is really in the right place wouldn't care that much about the timing of his appearance. But if a guest's motives--his real, deep-in-the-core motives--are about reestablishing his role in the pecking order, and stroking his already formidable ego....?

Something to think about next time you catch Dr. Phil on Larry King, talking about the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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