Sunday, October 16, 2005

Steve's very own self-help book?

Consider this a short p.s. to my thoughts on Oprah, below.

We can only do what we can do, folks. We may not know--ahead of time--exactly what that is. But there are limits. Human potential is finite. You are only going to grow so tall. You have a fixed number of true aptitudes. And for whatever reasons, whatever inscrutable combinations of nature and nurture, you are only going to go so far in life. Them's the facts. And there may be no single realization that is more central to lasting happiness and peace of mind.

But tell me...who's gonna buy that book?

Click here for something that's worth reading. Don't be put off by the "" in the URL. Trust me, I'm no Marxist (as anyone who's read my book, or much of the rest of the stuff listed on my site, is well aware). In any case, what is, is. There's no political component to an honest search for answers.

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Rodger Johnson said...

From our e-mail, are you saying that my life is pre-determined, and that no effort of my own will enhance any part of my life? Or, are you saying that, although my life is pre-determined and since I don't know the outcome, then I should just keep on, keeping on--settled in my own heart that what will be will be?