Saturday, November 19, 2005

But at least, unlike the Washington Post, they got the title right...

Click the links that follow, and you'll be taken to pages 1 (click here) and 2 (click here), respectively, of a feature on me in Lehigh Valley Living, a new magazine supplement put out by my local newspaper, the Morning Call. (Depending on your browser and other considerations, you may have to select the "view full screen" option in order to read the text.) Leaving aside the fact that I won't be 59 till March 2009 (unless Dr. Phil finds me first, in which case I may not get there at all), and that The Book of Sex was not a best-seller (at least not when judged by bookstore sales, the usual criterion for that honorific; as I write this, TBOS lolls at No. 1-million-something on Amazon), and that I professed journalism only at Indiana University, not Muhlenberg (where I was writer-in-residence, attached to the English department), and that my controversial article in PW appeared a dozen years before I took the job at Rodale and thus had nothing to do with my hiring (in contrast to the linkage implied in the piece), and that my title upon said hiring was Managing Editor, not Executive Editor (a promotion I would not receive until some months later), and that the 300 jobs axed at Rodale in the fall of 2001 were not a "management shake-up," but an overall downsizing that affected mostly line employees, and that in any case I lost my job about a month before that event, for unrelated reasons (having mostly to do with the aforementioned Book of Sex)'s a damn fine piece of writing, I think.

By the way, if you're new to SHAMblog and have no idea what I mean by the title of this item, click here to read about another stellar work of journalism, by the iconic Post.

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