Thursday, December 29, 2005

Also, floss regularly, and stay away from large, angry-looking dogs that are foaming at the mouth.

In a phenomenal display of willpower, I’d hoped to refrain from further posting till after New Year’s--but this morning I stumbled across something on The Today Show that forced a change in plans. It was priceless wisdom courtesy of Libby Gill, author of Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life, a 2004 book now getting a second round of pub due to its recent reissue in paperback. During the course of an almost preposterously long segment with one of the show’s interchangeable female co-anchors, the lovely-if-somewhat-manufactured-looking Ms. Gill (not to sound catty, but she appeared to have arrived on the Today set fresh from a facelift) shared her five-point program for never-ending personal fulfillment. I was struck in particular by Point 5, which I think should be required reading for each and every one of us.

Ready? Here it is: “Keep going after what you want in life.”
Wow. No doubt Ms. Gill evolved to such enlightened, revolutionary perspectives during her long and distinguished career as an executive coach. Just to round out her resume, she has also served as a senior vice president at Universal Studios and--here's a shocker--a media consultant to our good friend Dr. Phil McGraw (who could use a good media consultant these days). Six degrees of self-help separation, indeed.

And to think: I can’t get booked on these shows….

Want to hear something even more terrifying? Gill’s Amazon numbers, in the aftermath of the show, are startling: from No. 216,000 yesterday to No. 105 as I write this. Which means that people, yes, functioning human beings who hold regular jobs and make responsible decisions, are actually ordering the book based on the above advice and the rest of what Gill said on Today…. Are we really that desperate to “travel hopefully”? My God.

Ah well. Have a happy New Year’s Eve, folks. Travel safely, if not hopefully. And remember: Keep going after what you want in life.


P.S. As long as we're here, why not have a Love Smart update: Amazon once again has chosen, this morning, to put the "Marilyn R. Barry" review back at the top of the heap, exactly as if it were brand-new...

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