Saturday, December 24, 2005

....And SHAMblog goes on brief hiatus, in a probably vain attempt to balance the checkbook after six solid weeks of unnecessary spending.... Seriously, I wish the very best to you and yours, and hope that 2006 will be a year of genuine achievement/fulfillment in your life (i.e. rather than the faux type peddled incessantly by all the folks we've been talking about in this blog since July). To those of you who've become regulars, I offer my profound thanks, and encourage you to continue to spread the good word. To those who just drop in from time to time, you're always welcome, and by all means, feel free to pitch in your two cents.

Finally, I don't know if you'll hear from me again before January 1, so I'd like to mention an essay of mine that's scheduled to run in the Current section of the Los Angeles Times that day. I see it as sort of a counterpoint to all the empty New Year's resolutions (and hollow self-improvement agendas) people tend to embrace at the beginning of each year. Heck, the fact that you have to make those same resolutions year after year is a telling comment in itself...but let's not get back into that at this festive time. (wink)

Have a happy holiday, try to stay out of each other's hair, and take a few moments to remember how lucky you are merely to live in a nation where you don't have to have your finger painted purple after voting, you can attend the church of your choice (or not) on the holiday of your choice, and you're more likely than not to return from the mall, after exchanging all your gifts, without being fired upon. At least most days...

All the best,

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