Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Love is better...the third time around?

I had planned to declare a moratorium on Love Smart postings--at least through Christmas--but this is too good. As of tonight, there are three identical reviews on the site, two of them, now, from "Jane," who just posted the same review "she" posted on December 10. Both of those, of course, are verbatim repeats of the review from "real name" reviewer "Sara Burnett," who posted hers on December 7. Granted, the titles are different--but doesn't that only make things more suspicious? Tonight's review is titled (ironically enough) "something new." The December 10 review is called "helpful." The December 7 "Burnett" review is titled "a new approach from Dr. Phil."

As I write this, all three are up on the site. Together. Big as life. Word for word. (And if you're new to SHAMblog, you may want to review The Strange Case of the Love Smart Reviews, which began with my post of December 7, the day the book was published.)

As these reviews keep going up--and the critical ones keep coming down--can there be much lingering doubt that Dr. Phil has a friend at Amazon?

** POSTSCRIPT, Thursday, December 22 ** The infamous "Dr. Marilyn R. Barry" review is back to the top of the heap again this morning, as if it had just been written and posted. I guess they must really, really like that one...

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Anonymous said...

i dont get it. how does amazon let the fat boy get away with this?? or are they really part of it? i know in today's buyer beware world we're supposed to be skeptical of everything but you like to think that at least the major, visible programs-like an amazon-are honesetly run. this is very disappointing.