Friday, December 16, 2005

More fun and game with Phil.

For anyone who wants more proof that this whole Love Smart business is a calculated strategy: This morning the dubious review by "Dr. Marilyn R. Barry" of Minneapolis, MN, is back atop the reader reviews, thus supplanting the extremely critical Douglas Barton review (see the update at the bottom of my post of December 14) from that high-visibility slot. You will recall that the Barry review was originally posted--under Barry's name, that is--on December 13. In reality, it was really originally posted, under the byline of "Dr. Joyce OHolleran" of Miami, FL, on December 10. (Whew. This is like trying to keep track of all the guys who pitched for the Yankees last year...) What this suggests, of course, is that "Barry," or "OHolleran," or whoever ultimately is running this show took that review down, then put it back up again (knowing that "new" reviews are moved to the top of the heap), for the express purpose of shoving the irksome Barton review out of the way.

Also, this morning at around 8:30 a.m. I attempted to place, on the Love Smart page, a reader review, under my "real name," summarizing the bizarre goings-on. As I write this, Amazon hasn't yet posted it...and I'm not holding my breath. But we'll see. If nothing else it gives me added ammunition for the talk I plan to have with the folks at Amazon very soon.

** UPDATE, 9:20 a.m. ** Get this: Instead of running my review at the top of the pile, where a brand-new review belongs, Amazon simply took down the Barry review, then buried my review at the very end of the list, dated (unaccountably) December 7! Naturally I took it down. Unreal.


Anonymous said...

Post it again and see what happens now.

Anonymous said...

Using another name, try posting it again.

Although the tactic your tracking is dubious, if it's working for the Philmister, maybe you should try it too.

Can you spin posts on Love Smart to direct traffic to SHAM?

little noodle said...