Saturday, January 07, 2006

And as predicted...!

..."Dr. Marilyn R. Barry of Minneapolis" returns to the top of the Love Smart heap, with a brand-new, Jan. 7 date on that same old 5-star review that debuted--then under the name "Dr. Joyce OHolleran of Miami"--on Dec. 10. Thus the three negative reviews that appeared over the past 48 hours have been bumped further down the pile.

Could "Jane," "Lisa Mac Donan," "Sara/Sarah Burnett" and the rest of the crew be far behind...?

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acd said...

I like how the spotlight reviewer for Love Smart, Barbara Rose, points out that the "key in this book" is to "be who you are," and that "[t]here are great ideas for meeting someone by going to places that you really like, and naturally, you will meet someone who shares your interests." Ya think?! Who could have guessed that being who you are and going to places you like in order to meet those with similar interests might help you find someone? And if people honestly have to pay money to find out that no guy is perfect... As Rose says, "Another great point is that '100 % Mr. Perfect' does not exist." Dr. Phil came up with that little gem of advice all by himself, did he?

Even if it is praising Love Smart, the spotlight review also does a decent job of showing how absurd the content of the book really is, as do many of the other positive reviews.