Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I needed a good laugh to start the year off right.

So today I get an email from a guy--I shall withhold his identity in order to protect him from embarrassment--who wants to know if I'd like to collaborate with him on a self-help book. I am not making this up. See, his idea is, now that I've written a book about all this stuff that doesn't work, well, what say he and I pool our talents and do the definitive book about how people really can improve themselves! We'd be relying on his "proprietary" methodology, which is rooted in his years of experience as a "successful life coach..."

You know the sad part? I could probably get a book deal. And it would probably outsell SHAM.

P.S. One further thought on "J. Arch" and his damning review of SHAM. He closes his diatribe by saying he's "never seen a single episode of Oprah, or Dr.Phil--but after this book, I think they're owed an apology." Jeff baby: If you've never seen a single episode of either show--and therefore you don't/can't really know what messages they're putting out, or how they go about what they do--then tell me this: On what, exactly, are you premising the apology I supposedly owe them...?


Anonymous said...

that is just too good, steve. what won't these people try, to make more $$~!

Anonymous said...

neat reasoning!