Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Love Smart update, 11:45 p.m.

Exemplifying the theory that there's no such animal as too much of a good thing, "Jane" and "Sara Burnett" have now been joined by a third reviewer--"Lisa Mac Donan of Vermont"--in observing that Love Smart "has a hipper, irreverent approach, while still being based in psychology, but still reflects the talk-show host's direct approach to life." (You know, aside from anything else, you'd think the McGraw camp would discard that passage for its awkwardness alone, instead of recycling it in perpetuity. If they're going to keep plagiarizing themselves, they have so much better material to work with!) I think the "Mac Donan" review weaves in material from another review as well--one of its other lines rings a bell somehow--but frankly, I'm too tired to look right now. (Unaccountably, she gives the book only 4 stars. You wonder if they're trying to throw people off the trail...?)

But seriously--how long is Amazon going to let this continue?

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