Friday, February 24, 2006

If everyone is anyone?

What follows is a long one, folks. But if you're truly, ahem, motivated to pursue this whole business of "self-esteem"--since it's very much related to my recent series of posts on confidence, etc.--I invite you to pour yourself a cup of coffee*, get comfortable in your computer chair, and click the link below...

from: For the love of 'me': we're now into out third decade of the self-esteem crusade. Are we happy yet?(Cover Story) by Stephenson, Frank

source: Florida Trend, August 1, 2004.
via: HighBeam Research Logo HighBeam™ Research
Copyright 2004 Trend Magazines, Inc.

* feel free to substitute tea or an adult beverage of your choice. Just be aware...I check IDs...

AND A QUICK LOVE SMART NOTE: The other thing I notice about the "Marilyn Barry" posts is that they accumulate feedback votes at an astonishing rate. Since posting again yesteday for the umpteenth time, "Barry" has amassed 13 feedback votes, 12 of them positive--a vastly larger number than other Love Smart reviews that went up even before it. Same thing happened last time "Barry" posted. That can't just be coincidence; the review just isn't that, well, special (in keeping with the theme of this post). Somebody, or a group of somebodies, is actively "seeding" the review.

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