Monday, February 27, 2006

Move over, Napoleon.

I can't be sure--just yet--but I think it's possible that I've been banned from writing any further Amazon reviews that even so much as mention Dr. Phil McGraw (or, for all I know, from writing any further Amazon reviews, period). This, after my recent history of (1) trying to achieve with my Love Smart review what "Dr. Marilyn Barry" has so successfully achieved with hers, (2) pestering the powers-that-be at Amazon for some reasonable explanation for what's transpired on the Love Smart page, and (3) writing a number of other reviews that refer to Dr. Phil in a not especially flattering light (although I hasten to add that what I've said about McGraw is far less unflattering and/or ad hominem than a lot of what Amazon countenances elsewhere*). I say this because tonight I attempted to post reviews for two different books--each review containing an in-passing reference to McGraw--and neither has yet made its appearance, six or seven hours later. Usually reviews appear within minutes at most. That's my experience to date, anyway.

If indeed I've been banished to my very own Amazon Elba, then I find it intriguing that Amazon would take such extreme action with me--for a relatively innocuous offense--while permitting the more egregious nonsense that's been a daily event on Dr. Phil's page. We shall see....

* Heck, read some of the reviews they've allowed for SHAM--in some cases over my formal protest, I might add.

P.S. And while we're on the subject of McGraw, I'd still like to know why Amazon is suddenly permitting multiple, identical, successive reviews by the same Love Smart reviewer--as is now the case with "Liz," and was recently the case with "Tracy Miller," who at one point had no less than five identical reviews up, back to back. Since Amazon won't even acknowledge my inquiries anymore, I'll award an autographed, personally inscribed copy of SHAM (ain't much, but it's all I got) to anyone who cares to pursue these (or related Love Smart) matters and succeeds at getting an answer from Amazon.

UPDATE Tuesday 6 a.m. One of those reviews, for Tavis Smiley's The Covenent with Black America, is here to greet me as I awake--and lo and behold, Smiley's anthology is the No. 1 book on Amazon at this writing. No, I'm not implying that my review has helped Mr. Smiley in any way; it hasn't been up that long, and he was certainly doing well enough before I reviewed him. But I'm not sure I've ever been in this position before: having the No. 1 review of the No. 1 book. It's rather...empowering...

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