Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Olympic thought.

Though I don't think the folks at Lindsey Jacobellis' primary current sponsor, VISA, were too pleased with her grab-my-board, give-up-my-gold stunt at Torino the other day, I'm betting that--given how things work in American consumer marketing--Ms. Jacobellis has now created opportunities with a whole new slate of advertisers who celebrate the unorthodox, the reckless, the just plain stupid. Remember, after all, that during his heyday, Denis Rodman was one of Madison Avenue's biggest darlings. And Rodman--pictured--was bizarre bordering on misanthropic.

I can see it now: "Hi, I'm Lindsey Jacobellis for Trojan-brand condoms...because you never know when a sudden impulse will cost you, big-time..."

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