Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Less bullish* on "Barry."

I find it amusing that no sooner do we make the observation, here, about the curious and implausible popularity of the (latest) "Marilyn A. Barry" review, as measured in feedback votes, than the numbers change. This morning, the "Barry" review has 17 feedback votes, 12 of which deem it "helpful." The other day, you'll recall, the "helpful" ratio was 11 out of 12. Which means that either (a) after managing to please just about everyone, the "Barry" review suddenly and unaccountably has left 4 out of the past 5 readers cold,** or (b) whoever's running that show at Amazon is monitoring this blog and has decided not to climb quite so far out on "Barry's" limb.

Incidentally, my stats-tracking software (as well as email routed through my business web site, indicates that we've attracted more visitors over the past week; they may wonder "what the heck is he talking about?" when I write so offhandedly about "the 'Barry' review." For a complete background on "Dr. Marilyn A. Barry" and The Strange Case of Love Smart as a whole, follow this link and simply read forward from my post of December 10, 2005. Somewhat incredibly, even to me, you'll find some two dozen separate Love Smart entries between then and now.

* Or a similarly spelled word.
** I realize it's possible that a few faithful SHAMbloggers went to the Love Smart page after reading the other day's post, and gave the review a thumbs-down. I'd like to hear back from anyone who actually did that.

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