Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self-actualizing Oscar?

Interesting article on life coaching among the Tinseltown crowd in the other day's New York Times, which I offer here with this comment: Once again we have evidence that large segments of society are abandoning formal therapy (with credentialed therapists) in favor of entrusting their personal decision making to self-styled "experts" who may--or may not--offer some level of formal training and may--or may not--know what they're talking about. Credit for alerting me to the Times piece goes to SHAMblog regular Cal, who astutely points out that what these coaches are really teaching people reduces to "how to budget your time." And hey, maybe there is indeed some practical value in such counseling that you won't find in psychotherapy...though I do question (a) whether a sensate individual with an IQ above a daffodil's really needs a coach to help him find it, and (b) whether such counseling is cost-effective in the end anyway, given the lofty fees typically charged by the coaches themselves. (I'd have noticed the piece myself, by the way, had I not been so terribly busy eating hotdogs and pretzels while watching the Mets and Dodgers have at each other in Port St. Lucie's beautiful Tradition Field. Like they say, it's a tough job.... I like to regard it as Steve's self-help...)

Be back late tonight, and we'll make up for lost time in the next few days.

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