Thursday, April 13, 2006

The eyes lack it?

I know this seems off-topic--and no, I'm not trying to boost page hits by "going tabloid" with SHAMblog. But is it me, or is there something almost chillingly vacant in the eyes and overall expressions of the two (admittedly beautiful) ex-teachers who've been prosecuted in recent times for bedding underage students? Like there's no "there there"?* At your left is Pamela Rogers,** just re-arrested for pursuing further online contact with the 13-year-old she took up with during class--a violation of her conditions of probation. (Think: Mary Kay Letourneau.) At right is Debra Lafave, who beat the rap after admitting having sex with a 14-year-old, and blaming her actions on "mental illness." (I put the phrase in quotes not because I'm making fun of her, but because it's what she literally said, that's all.)

I know a woman who's fond of saying that "the eyes are the window to the soul." Which should mean they're also the window to the self. (See? It's a stretch, but I made the connection.) What do you folks think? To what degree can you tell who people really are by looking in--through?--their eyes?

* As Gertrude Stein famously said of Oakland, where she grew up. Many folks seem to think the putdown was originally spoken in reference to L.A., which is incorrect, of course, though that association may be equally valid.
** and it just occurred to me... I know that's probably a concept shot--but just how tall is Pamela Rogers, anyway??


Anonymous said...

Yow! Talk about separated at birth! If the one had longer hair, it would look like two shots of the same person taken from different angles. As for the vacant stares, well, maybe they're on something...

Rodger Johnson said...

Don't think these chicks are doped on anything, as anonymous suggests. The mug shot is creepy, and the blank stair is spooky. I think that's the way our culture is going. Just the other day, I noticed something interesting.

I was walking from one store in the mall to the next. Usually -- most always -- okay, always -- I like making eye contact with passers-by. On this day, as I made eye contact, I greeted each with a smile and a friendly 'hello.' Not one person looked, smiled, twitched or drooled -- they all staired forward in a straight-line gaze void of any emotion.

My thought is simple. We have become a people self-absorbed, half-medicated, sometimes sedated and usually never quite interested enough to exchange simple head nods and friendly simles.

Our interest is ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow. They're pretty all right-but whacked out looking for sure.

melanie said...

I think you can prolly tell a lot through the eyes of someone you know reasonably well, but I think it's dangerous to make too many sweeping assumptions just based on your impression of how someones eyes strike you when you don't yet know them that well. I didn't phrase that too well but you k now what I mean. There are some very good liars out there, and they can lie with their eyes as well as their tongues. Adn there are people like Scott Peterson who can look so terriby sincere when they've apparently done such ghastly things. Buyer beware, I say.