Tuesday, June 06, 2006

B(l)ogged down.

I'm being chided, again, by one or two of you for failing to keep the content fresh on SHAMblog. First of all, let me express my most sincere gratitude for the fact that anybody out there cares enough to try to keep me on my toes, especially as we lurch into the summer months. (I'm still rather bemused by the notion that there are at least several dozen misguided individuals across America--plus a handful of regulars across the pond--who actually claim to look forward to reading my latest rant on this or that. The mind boggles.) In truth, I'm knee-deep in the development stage of two major (albeit highly speculative) projects that are consuming almost all of my time and energy. I do plan to continue posting with (semi-)regularity, but if I slack off now and then and an inordinate number of days seem to pass between posts, please don't assume that the blog has gone fallow.

If all goes well, I'll have some significant news to announce within another month or so. In fact, I'm considering booking myself into a Tony Robbins seminar to keep my mental attitude duly positive until then....

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