Monday, July 24, 2006

Is there a whistle-blower statute I could invoke?

I'm sure this is pure coincidence--well, I'm pretty sure, anyway--but I can't help noticing that since my critical post about Amazon late last week, SHAM's Amazon numbers have gone into free fall: from No. 21,000 (which ain't great, but at least indicates a smattering of sales here and there) Friday afternoon to a current No. 222,000 (which verges on oblivion). With the exception of a two-day period right after the dawn of 2006*, the book hasn't been at such a low ebb since the month before publication, when pre-orders first began drifting in.

Somebody asked me if I thought it was possible that Amazon could actually be burying orders for SHAM. Nah, I said. Amazon would never do such a thing. After all, that would be unethical.

* when, come to think of it, I was also giving Amazon a lot of grief over Dr. Phil and his new book.


Cosmic Connie said...

Hey, good news, as of yesterday you've climbed up to number 94,262 on the Amazon Hit Parade!

I also looked at the "Sponsored Links," which for some reason I hadn't studied previously, and noticed that "Customers interested in this title may also be interested in" (I have deleted the actual URLs):

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Wow, THAT is support. Who says Amazon isn't on your side? :-)

Steve Salerno said...

And to think--for a few charmed days last summer, I made it as low as No. 118. (This was right after the Wall Street Journal's glowing review.) Sigh. How fleeting is "fame."

Yeah, it's funny, I've noticed that even when articles *about* SHAM appear online--sometimes even in print--the surrounding advertising will be self-help-related. I did a magazine piece a while back about alternative medicine--i.e. what a bunch of b.s. most of it was (and is), how careful you have to be so that you don't wind up putting your health at risk--and wouldn't you know it, almost all of the continguous ads were for quack remedies, esoteric vitamins, etc.

Talk about ad placement!

Lauren C. said...

Steve, if it makes you feel any better I know a lot of people in the city who read SHAM, and not just former students from your classes, either. Though I have to admit the book was a hot item among the ex-Berg crowd. I bet Linda M. was really PO'd about that one!

Hope you are doing well, and still "smacking the crap out of the ball" in the fast cage. :-)