Monday, August 14, 2006

And a little bit of heartbreak...for teens.

Jay McGraw's legions of teenybopper fans will be distressed to learn that the 27-year-old heartthrob reportedly married Playboy model Erica Dahm this past weekend. McGraw's chief claim to fame, of course, is that he's the spawn of Dr. Phil, and author of several books spun off from the elder McGraw's growing literary library--such books created by the Proustian device of appending the phrase "for teens" to the end of the Dr. Phil bestsellers from which they're respectively derived. Dahm's chief claim to fame is that she's one-third of the Dahm triplets, who enlivened Playboy's pages in a December 1998 photo spread. (Click here to see more of Erica, as well as sisters Nicole and Jaclyn. Erica's in the middle.) The triplets also had a bit part in that unforgettable Hollywood classic, Juwanna Mann. And just in case you thought this Cinderella story couldn't possibly get any sweeter, the couple met on the set of a Fox reality show (Renovate My Family) in 2004. When McGraw popped the question around this time last year--sealing the deal with the obligatory 5-carat diamond ring--Dahm is said to have blurted, "Oh gosh, is this real!?" It remains unknown whether she was questioning the authenticity of the diamond or the proposal.

Well, at the risk of solidifying my reputation as a male chauvinist, I'll say this much: At least Jay appreciates the concept of genuine self-help.


Cosmic Connie said...

"Oh, gosh, is this real?" Erica squealed when she first saw the ring.

I wonder if Jay asked the same thing when he first saw her...oh, never mind. :-)

Steve Salerno said...

Very good, CosCon. Wish I'd thought of that first.

Rodger Johnson said...

Little McGraw said, "She's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Dah! Any guy in his right mind (and single, I love my wife dearly) wouldn't want to spend the rest of his life with a Playboy playmate to wake up to every morning.

Tying it back to SHAM -- it's a sham and a shame that many American men are being programmed to idolize a woman like that....

Actually, idolize isn't the word I'm looking for ... help me out.

Cosmic Connie said...

Maybe "lust for" is a better term, Rodg. :-)

And it's a sham and a shame that many women are being programmed to long to *look* like that -- and to feel there is something lacking in them if they don't -- to the extent that they will risk their health (and, in many cases, their appearance) with...enhancements.

Rodger Johnson said...

CosCon, you're right. My wife and I had a discussion about this very issue over the weekend.

I'm a pretty good study on the way we socially construct our reality. Let me say that a different way. I'm a pretty good study on the way we perceive reality and how perceptions of reality can be influenced. Thus, moving the reality needle.

We are bombarded with messages from the time that we wake up until we shut our eyes at night. At last count the average person experiences 4 billion bits of information in one day. Each bit presents our reality -- like a stage. We interpret and preceive it according to our values. At least that's what cognitive linguists have discovered.

So, if we perserve and interpret reality according to an inner value system, then we have control overhow we react to that reality.

The problem with that line of reasoning is the values we hold true. They too are influenced by those 4 billion pieces of information we deal with everyday.

Interesting, we can choose which bits of information to add to our value system, and we can reject the rest -- that's natural. That's our choice.

When I was in PA vacationing with my wife and her parents, we met some Amish in Lancaster County. I notice that in Lancaster, one can turn off the main drag, and the reality turns from 2006 to about 1890. In an Amish book that I picked up, the auther said that the Amish have no choice but to live in the world, but they are not of the world.

They accept certain things and reject others -- we have to do more of that.

Anonymous said...

really? did ya all think he'd Marry a dog? no way this is "LA BABY" and Men that r young and Rich to boot can snap a finger @ any barbie! honestly RICH Men net whoever they want, come on We see it all the time in Newport Beach,,, hot Ass chick, ugly old Man. they r both after "something" he wants a rock hard body and She wants rock/hard cash~ aaaaaaawwwwww another match made in heaven! it's cool w/his Father that She has been see by Men around the world NAKED??? Wow now that one I don't get. She'll cheat on him, wait and see. you heard it here first. oh and by the way, the HAIR is fake as well. i know the Girl that does her weaves.