Friday, September 22, 2006

All dressed up...

...and you know the rest of it. FOX begged off at the last minute—literally, as I was standing at the door, waiting for car service to arrive. So I rescheduled the other New York City taping for next week.

Now I ask you: Would they do something like that to Dr. Phil? Or even Stedman?


Cosmic Connie said...

So did FOX reschedule as well, or did they just blow off the interview entirely? That doesn't sound too "fair and balanced" to me. :-(

Steve Salerno said...

Blew me off entirely. Actually it's worse than that. They first scheduled me for Weds. (Bear in mind, THEY called ME, with regard to a segment they wanted to do on our fear-ridden culture and how we got that way.) This was last week. So I wipe my slate clean for Weds.--going into NYC is an all-day affair--and wait to hear about travel arrangements. Silence. At the last minute, they call and cancel. Later that same day, they offered me a make-up slot for today. Knowing I'd have to wipe out another slate of work (including at least two short radio segments), I asked if they were sure. The producer told me that "just to be safe," I should wait till after they had their regular story meeting yesterday at 3. I wasn't crazy about waiting till that late in the day to know, but FOX had been good to me (sales-wise) in my last round of media, so I bit the bullet. At around 4 p.m. the lead producer called and said it was a "definite go." We chatted amiably for 15 minutes about the focus of the show--much laughter was had by all--and she said it was "going to be a great segment." Before hanging up, she also said she'd "take care of the car service" (for the 90-minute ride to Manhattan). I suggested that she arrange for a pick-up between 10 and 10:30. Everybody's happy.

This morning I get dressed, grab my materials so I can "woodshed" myself in the limo--and I'm literally looking out the front door (to see if the limo's there) when I hear my home-office phone ring at 9:50. I don't get to the phone in time, but when I check my voicemail, some perky young assistant producer tells me they killed my segment again. I spent the time between 9:45 and 10:15 walking around my house, primal-screaming assorted obscenities followed by the word "FOX." FYI, there will be no make-up, ever, because today was the finale of the show on which I was to appear (DaySide). The co-hosts are moving on to syndication, and FOX has scrapped the format.

I'm sure that's a much longer answer than you hoped for, Connie, but you asked, and I wanted you to get the full flavor. Welcome to the exciting and glamorous world of media for those of us who aren't Stephen King.

activist kaza said...


FOX are a bunch of idiots...why do you want to go on there, anyway? Not your core audience, I'm sure.

FYI, I just picked up your book (in pb) here in London. I was looking for a book to try and convince my daughter to postpone her wedding (she's not yet 24) when I stumbled across SHAM and I'm very excited to read it (not that it will help me with that dilemma...I found a "Relate UK" counselling questionnaire for that purpose).

Once I finish it, I might even promote SHAM at my blog, and the only other time I've done that was with Freakonomics.

Keep up the good work - and pls keep writing for Harpers (the best mag on the planet, in my estimation).