Friday, September 15, 2006

And, on a pragmatic (cranky, whining) note.

Well folks, I did four separate, fairly weighty bits of media yesterday, including a satellite hook-up and a nationally syndicated talk show...and this morning, SHAM is higher (i.e. worse) in the Amazon rankings than at any time since initial hardcover publication in June 2005. Is it possible that my appearances actually motivated people who already owned the book to return it by express mail...?

On a more positive note, I notice that Dateline this morning is using clips of the master, Tony Robbins, in its teasers for tonight's show (8 p.m. Eastern) about infomercials and "a product that should never be sold." SHAMbloggers who go waaaay back may recall that at one point we just missed out on doing a segment with John Stossel and 20/20, which, had it happened, would've put the book over the top to stay, I'm convinced. Such is life. As long as the info gets out, I guess I'm happy. Not as happy as I'd be--I won't deny--at, say, number nine on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list, a slot currently occupied by former Notre Dame coaching legend Lou Holtz, who shares his inspirational dogma in a book called Wins, Losses, and Lessons. But happy nonetheless... I think.

WISTFUL P.S. ON A RAINY AFTERNOON. I think back to the weekend of July 16-17, 2005, when I was checking Amazon at breathless 15-minute intervals to see if I'd cracked the charmed Top 100 (this, on the heels of a glowing review in the Journal that Friday). Never quite got there; I think I topped out (bottomed out?) at No. 128. Still, it was a fun ride. And how very long ago that can seem, sometimes.

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Cosmic Connie said...

As I facetiously suggested in a comment on one of your previous posts, I honestly think Amazon uses a random number generator for their "sales ranks."

In any case, I've got you beat, Steve. As of today, "Cosmic Relief" is #2,946,341 in Books. :-) On Amazon's used-stuff marketplace, one seller is offering it for $49.50, describing it as a 'rare, one of its kind magazine.' Hmmm...maybe I can reach the comic book collector's market...Of course, I'm not actively marketing CR, and it's officially listed as out of print. So I guess that makes a difference, LOL. I'm sure if I were making an effort, the book would climb up to, say, 1,528,666 or so.

I have no doubt that "doing the media" gets tiresome, but, of course, it's exposure. Also, maybe you should consider a sequel to SHAM (as I think Rodg suggested on another thread). And hey, maybe do a viral marketing campaign, but kind of tongue-in-cheek. Beat the hucksters at their own game.

The only flaw I see in becoming a complete media whore is that it would almost certainly compromise your credibility as a journalist. :-) So I guess it's back to doing media as you have been. Stick to your guns, Steve. And maybe you shouldn't give up on Stossel.

Of course, the real breakthrough would come if you caught on in Hollywood. "Steve Salerno, anti-self-help guru to the stars." :-) As a recovering personal-growth addict myself, I, along with the Rev, could probably help you set up some 12-step programs too.