Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dr. Phil finds his audience.

Every once in a while I still feel obliged to check the Love Smart page (sorry Rodg; as I've said, it's a sickness) and I am never disappointed: Invariably I find the same familiar review content, recycled ad nauseam under different "real" names. Today, however, I found the review I've quoted from below, by someone identifying himself as Jon Deepcreek. It was apparently posted on May 24 but somehow got under my radar during the handful of checks I've made in the interim. It's priceless...and says so much more than it says, if you get my drift. I quote from it verbatim--that is, without mucking up the flow by sticking "[sic]" all over the place.

"Marriage and Love is a diffucult thing," begins our hero. "I always had the feeling that out there somewhere was a girl or woman who was just for me, who would get my jokes and love me who the person that I really am." Alas, Mr. Deepcreek discovered that his "ex-wife was not this person," and after attempting "many different and various things in order to find a perfect mate (even internet dating!!!!)," he was ready to give up. And that, he writes, is "when my mom told me about Dr. Phil and his wonderful world of advice for people just like ME. Well, I bought the book and let me say that I read it in a night and the very next day I was out at a club and talking to not one but THREE ladies! Dr. Phil really lays it all on the line for you. He offers many helpful tips that make it sound like he has even been in my shoes himself (I'm watching you Dr. Phil!) A quick read for people who need their advice fast and effective! Kudos!"

I have a few questions, Jon.* Are you implying that club-hopping was not originally among the "many different and various things" you tried pre-McGraw? If not, why not? (I'd think it'd be among the first things a lonely guy thought of.) Or are you saying that, yes, you went to clubs before Dr. Phil came along--but you didn't actually talk to anybody there? What's more, are you telling me, as you appear to be, that you expect to find your "perfect mate" in the club scene? (You might need a different book, Jon.) And finally, are you also telling me, again as you appear to be, that you absorbed Dr. Phil's wonderful world of advice in one sitting and were magically transformed from your pre-Love Smart larval state to a suave, club-hopping, three-woman-schmoozing Casanova? Overnight? 'Cause Jon, I gotta tell ya...I ain't buyin' it. (I might also add that if "I'm watching you Dr. Phil!" is an example of the "jokes" you want your perfect mate to get, and even love you who--you're in deep trouble, guy.)

You know what the saddest part is? Four out of five Amazon raters found it "helpful." I guess there's an abundance of people out there who think that marriage and love is diffucult.

* Assume for the purposes of this post that Jon is sitting right here.


RevRon's Rants said...

Steve -
Perhaps they found it helpful because it set off their BS meters and convinced them not to buy the book. It could happen! :-)

Cosmic Connie said...

LOL, Steve...more proof that Dr. Phil does attract classy readers!

But when I looked on the "Love Smart" page just now, I noticed that my favorite Dr. Phil fan, "Roy McSpankindoodle" from Atlantis, was gone. He wrote a review back on July 20 of this year, saying he'd fallen in love with "Love Smart" because it helped him find the love of his life. Without that book, he wrote, "I never would have known that my own preteen cousin would be the perfect match for me."

Alas, that glowing review has apparently been deleted. But I'm sure its removal was a mistake. :-)

Anonymous said...

As in, "You know you're a redneck if you go to family reunions to meet women."

But really, Steve. Marriage and love ARE difficult! Anyone who says otherwise is really, really lucky.

Steve Salerno said...

Hey, I'm the first one (or the second one, after Jon) to admits that marriage/love be diffucult. That weren't my point here (but you realizes that, anon). No matter how diffucult long-term relationships is, I don't think we apt to find the answers from Dr. Phil. All the objective evidence suggest otherwise.

Remember--this is a guy (McGraw) who told CNN that he's the "worst marital therapist" in world history:

Steve Salerno said...

Btw, in that CNN link, you have to paste the two lines together so that "transcripts" follows immediately after the "com/" with no space between. For some reason I could't get Blogger to take the whole URL in one line without deleting part of it entirely.

Rodger Johnson said...

Steve, I know you've got a sickness with Dr. Phil and the reviews his book gets.

Sooner or later, someone will devise a 12-step plan for that. :-)

Seriously, the "review" thing on Amazon is shaddy -- makes me think twice when I read others for books I'm about to purchase

And Dr. Phil is no better marital therapist than I am a jet engine designer.

Although I've only been married a short time -- pushing three years -- relationships do take work, and I tend to doubt the advice of a man who cheated on his first wife.

And didn't he walk out on her too?

How many of us on here cringe at Dr. Phil's smug smile. It's almost a bad as President Bush's when he think he's said something clever.