Friday, October 20, 2006

Mark your calendars.

On November 19, Richard Lewis (hangdog comic and part of the rotating ensemble cast of the oft-hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm) will square off with the Pope of Empowerment himself, Tony Robbins, to debate the value of happiness in The Happiness Cure, a CNN prime-time special moderated by CNN's resident medical expert, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I suspect that the tone here is breezy and jocular; I doubt that CNN is contemplating a serious philosophical examination of the nature and inherent paradoxes of happiness and its pursuit. Even so, this is the sort of event that yours truly should be in on, and I intend to mount a full-frontal assault to make that happen. I will fail, of course*, because CNN's not suddenly going to change the format of such a "high concept" vehicle just to accommodate me. (Especially since TR has already backed out of one CNN show where he and I were supposed to square off; remember the infamous Chicken Soup Debacle of last Thanksgiving?) But it's worth a shot.... Maybe we could try a write-in campaign, in honor of Election Day...?

* Now how's that for positive thinking—and a superlative counterpoint to yesterday's post!

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