Thursday, December 14, 2006

They say "God doesn't do baseball." Does He "do politics"?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think this or even say it over the past 18 hours, but if South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson doesn't pull through or is otherwise unable to continue in Congress, I hope—and, yes, pray—that we won't have to listen to a lot of stage-whispered fundamentalist crap about how "You see? God didn't want the Democrats in charge of Congress...." And you know, it's a testament to the absurdity of the political climate in this country that Johnson's staff, mindful of the political ramifications of his possible absence from the Senate, initially denied reports that he'd suffered a stroke or any kind of serious health setback. For the record, if Johnson were to die or be incapacitated, by law his replacement would be appointed by SD governor Mike Rounds, who is a Republican and would almost surely name a member of his own party. This would eliminate the Democrats' recently won 51-49 majority, leaving the tie-breaking vote in any such impasse to Vice President Dick Cheney.

The senator is listed in "critical but stable condition" at this writing.


Trish Ryan said...

You can't be a Red Sox fan and not realize that God does baseball...I like to think he does politics, too. But sometimes His bit about "my ways are not your ways" is pretty frustrating on both counts.

I'll add my prayers to yours for Sen. Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not schooled in politics as I should be but I think it's deplorable that the news shows tonight were treating this as much a political issue as a human one. My poli-sci teacher used to say "the political is personal." Not here evidently. For these people the political is political, and the personal side comes last if at all. Like I said, maybe I'm naive but I find it sickening. This is Alyssa btw, still can't log on the usual way.

a/good/lysstener said...

You were right, Steve. I just moved my regular blogger account to google and now all works as it should. Speaking of my blog, I guess I need to get back to posting, huh? Think I can do it this time w/o losing my friends and having random crazies come out of the woodwork to defame people they have a grudge against? ;)