Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's deja vu all over again.

Amazon finally posted my review for The Best Life Diet this morning, January 17, as a day-old review from January 16, which of course means that it never got to be anywhere on the book's first page, where new reviews properly belong—and where they're far more likely to be read by site visitors. As noted in last night's p.s. to yesterday's post, this is the same basic fate that befell my last review for a book written by a major member of the Oprah camp (Phil McGraw's Love Smart). Draw your own conclusions.

P.S. Just in afterthought to all this: I promise this will be my final comment on this book and this whole matter, before getting back to the business at hand (and I left a similar comment in response to what is now the first review of Best Life Diet on its Amazon page)... But isn't there something slightly absurd about posting a glowing review for a brand-new diet book as soon as you finish reading it? Don't you have to wait a while to see whether the diet even works, first?

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