Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On my newfound love for Kelly Ripa.

Some of you will be inclined to file this under "more proof that Steve is really gay," alongside my confessed addiction to Lifetime Movie Network and certain other viewing preferences I've disclosed from time to time. But I must also admit to a fondness for watching Live With Regis & Kelly each morning. And it's odd, because it's not that I like either of them all that much. Regis can be snide and abrasive in that way that reminds me of why I left New York, and Kelly can be barf-inducingly perky in that way that reminds me of why I left San Diego. But somewhere in the synergistic middle ground, I manage to find a quiet peace each morning. Also, it helps keep me up to date on my cultural references. I figure that between LWR&K and The View, I'll never be too far behind the curve on Trump v. O'Donnell, and I'll even know what Jennifer Hudson wore to the Golden Globes....

Anyway, on this particular morning, the keynote guest was Diana Ross, who's releasing her first album in seven years. At one point Ms. Ross is sitting there, beneath the immense mushroom cloud of her hair, parrotting that achingly familiar line about how her success in music demonstrates that "you can do anything you want if somebody just believes in you!"... And Kelly chimes in with, "Yes, but it helps if you have a voice like yours. Regis likes to tell me I can sing, too—but for some of us, it just isn't gonna happen."

Bravo, Kelly!
Thank you for introducing a much-needed note of sanity to morning television, and the "empowered" American media as a whole.

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Rodger said...

Watching Regis!! -- Steve!!! Why? There's better things to occupy your morning with -- ever try yoga.

Sorry, I'm in a mood...