Friday, January 26, 2007

The pathology of dopes.

Much as it pains to me have to face the fact that I didn't write it, there's a nice piece in the current Harper's, "Pathologies of Hope," that notes the degree to which the Culture of Belief increasingly infects even the practice of medicine, as yours truly foresaw in SHAM chapter 11. The actual writer is Barbara Ehrenreich, best-selling author, social critic, cancer survivor and Harper's contributing editor. Ehrenreich segues from her medical insights to observations on today's widespread proclivity for scrapping proven methods and well-considered planning in favor of something like wishful thinking. And, she writes powerfully on the tyranny of the PMA crowd (see under The Secret in particular), who'll savage anyone who dares question the promises they make for positive thinking, no matter how outlandish those promises get.... Cosmic Connie, are you listening from Montana, or wherever on America's vast highway system you may be?

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Citizen Deux said...

Oh for the prospect of rational thought! I find the "just imagine it is so" crowd to be the worst of the head in the sand group.

I certainly find optimism and positive thinking more productive than consistent naysaying, but only coupled with action and a realist analysis of the facts!

PS - The Harper's link needs a tweak!