Thursday, February 22, 2007

A short but heartfelt note of thanks.

Let me take a moment to acknowledge those of you who've been perverse enough to inflict SHAMblog on unsuspecting friends, relatives and professional acquaintances who hadn't known about it. We're getting an exponentially larger number of "unique visitors" each week—in fact, triple the figure from a year ago (when the book that served as the wellspring of all this was far "hotter," of course). In particular, a number of you let me know that you'd sent links to the weight-loss series to folks you thought might benefit from the material. I don't know how happy it made people to be on the receiving end of such a gesture, which could have been interpreted as a none-too-subtle, post-holiday-pigout hint. But your host is eternally grateful in any case. I'll try to be worthy of your continued faith in the weeks and months ahead (if you promise to be patient with me when I go off on another of my long-winded rants, dutifully belaboring the obvious...).

NOTE: True baseball fans will recognize the cap-hoisting gentleman as the late, great Ted Williams, the loose inspiration for the Redford (actually, Malamud) character in The Natural, and still my vote for the best hitter the game has ever known. In fact, Ted called me out on strikes once, a very long time ago—but that's an ignominious story for another long-winded day. Meanwhile, they're loosening up now in Florida, and life begins again soon....

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