Monday, April 16, 2007

Another ruby for Rhonda.

Found out during the course of this morning's radio work that The Secret Road Show and Barnstorming Motivational Circus breezed into Canada last week. An estimated 5000 people forked over $100 apiece to hear Rhonda Byrne's soothing, hypnotic incantations on the wonders of wishful thinking. I couldn't get a straight answer about whether Ms. Byrne appeared live*, or a set of eager apprentices/stand-ins (the Byrnettes; the Secretronics?) merely played excerpts from the same audiotape that most of my interviewers asked me to comment on. Regardless, if my math is correct, that's another half-mill in the till.

* I'll be looking into that.


Cosmic Connie said...

"or a set of eager apprentices/stand-ins (the Byrnettes; the Secretronics?)..."

How about The Rhondettes? Don't tell me Canada is becoming as Secret-crazy as the US. I had such high hopes for our neighbors (or neighbours) to the North... Anyway, I hope your radio gig went well. Let us know when and where we can download it.

Steve Salerno said...

As usual you trumped me: Rhondettes is way better than Byrnettes. Except, I like the homophonic similarity between Byrnettes and BurnOUTS, which is what we're all pretty much getting to be when it comes to The Secret, eh?

To address your probably rhetorical throwaway comment, I don't see Canada ever getting quite as Secret-crazy as we are--because I don't picture Canadians being as self-involved, New Agey, and frou-frou as so many of us are. Maybe that's a stereotype. But I think it also helps explain why Canadian media in many cases have been much quicker to embrace SHAM (the book) than many in our own media.

One other quick comment: It's interesting that the two people who first tipped me to the developing Secret phenomenon--well over a year ago--were Australians. They saw the writing on the wall--but they also knew that Byrne, who is of course a compatriot of theirs, would have to export her grand cosmic design to America to make any real money, since the reaction on the part of the typical Aussie would be: "Eh mate, this Sheila's away with the pixies..."

Anonymous said...

How about "Rhonditzes"??

If The Secret really worked, I am certain I would have spent much of the past dozen years in the company of Elle MacPherson... Honestly, I followed all the rules - I prayed; I visualized; I dreamed, I wanted...