Friday, April 27, 2007

A Secret political weapon in the making?

This may sound like a surprising admission from a guy (me) who usually goes to great lengths to point out SHAM's corrupting, all-pervading effect on society, but I would've thought we'd start seeing more of the rhetoric of The Secret (and related "thought") showing up in electoral politics by now. I caught most of the debate among Democrat contenders for the White House last night and heard very, very few references that sounded as though they might have been inspired by today's especially fanciful spin on Empowerment. Oh sure, there was a random nod to America learning to "believe in itself" again (I forget who said it) or restoring the nation's "confidence in its future," but one would expect such things to be said anyway, with or without an Empowerment backdrop. I think that both major parties are missing a sure bet here (and that a really shrewd Independent might be able to make impressive strides simply by learning to speak Byrnese). Given the 6 million or so Americans who've already voted for The Secret with their wallets—and the millions more who are aware of The Secret and have been at least indirectly influenced by it—I'd think this could make a nice constituency for someone, and an ideally gullible one at that. Secretrons clearly will believe just about anything.

But mark my words: Before all is said and done, we'll hear some of the patter from Barack Obama. Why? Chalk it up again to the so-called Oprah Effect. Oprah loves Obama, and in fact, has given him her informal endorsement. Oprah also loves The Secret (or at least professes to), and played a huge role in putting Byrne's baby over the top. As the presidential race moves into high gear, when every last polling point counts, she can be expected to tip Obama to some of the buzzwords and "magical phrases" that are bound to resonate with her vast audience of some 48 million weekly lemmings, uh, I mean viewers. Anyway, we'll see.

On an only tangentially related note, the debate reminded me of why I love Joe Biden, for all his well-reported slip-ups and gaffes. I don't know whether he's electable, or even whether I'd actually vote for him, if it came to that. But the guy is priceless in any case, and if you watched the debate (or saw the highlights), you know exactly the moment I'm talking about. He got more mileage out of one perfectly timed word—"Yes"—than, say, a Dennis Kucinich could get out of droning on and on about a new spirit of fairness in government for hours.

By the way... Had Mike Gravel been drinking? Or is he always like that?


Anonymous said...

Steve, I don't remember where I read this, but I believe that Oprah has already given Obama his own copy of The Secret.

Steve Salerno said...

Hmmm. So I may be behind the curve on this one already.

If this is true (and I have no reason to think otherwise), then I guess we can assume that Obama will "attract" the U.S. presidency, eh?

Anonymous said...

yeah, he will "attract" the presidency - but only if he really wants it!! he's gotta want it!!!

Cosmic Connie said...

And speaking of Dennis Kucinich, don't underestimate his "woo" potential. Google this:

dennis kucinich stardoves

And follow some of the links.