Sunday, April 08, 2007

To those who assumed Rhonda Byrne finally had me whacked...

Apologies to Cal, Connie, RevRon, Matt, the anonymous contributor who left that intriguing discourse about rhetoric and philosophy, and all others who posted (or attempted to post) such insightful comments to SHAMblog over the past several days.

No doubt by now you've noticed that (a) said comments seemed to disappear into the ethers (in fact, they did not get published till just moments ago as I write this), and (b) you did not receive any feedback from me—which is by no means to imply that feedback from me is the manna of your intellectual lives. I'm just saying that usually, as my workload permits, I try to find time to comment (semi-)intelligently on what our various contributors are saying. In this case, I had an opportunity to get out of town on short notice, so I took it. Simple as that.

Thanks again to everyone who deems this blog worthy of reading and, especially, responding to. This next week looms as ultra-busy for your host, but I hope you'll keep the faith.

(Speaking of having people whacked, enjoy The Sopranos.)

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