Friday, May 25, 2007

Hot dogs before horror.

Scheduling exigencies have prevented me from kicking off the series of self-help horror stories I'd planned to begin posting this week. I don't want to just rush them up onto the blog before I feel they're ready—fully/properly researched and/or edited. And once I commence posting them, I want to know that I can continue posting in a more-or-less orderly sequence. I'm simply "not there" yet.

I'm sure it's for the best, anyway. Do you really want additional reasons to be depressed going into a holiday weekend?


liat said...

Hi Steve

Its the self help addict telling you to not to stress the anticipation only hightens the pleasure of reading the next shamblog installment. I did want to give you something to think about though - while you are writing.

Two days ago I went to the Mind Boddy and Spirit festival to help an aquaintance run a stall and as I was walking around I had a mystic vision of a new stall at the festival. I would love to run the Sham Book stall next year - aided by some serious security - with the intention of selling thousands of copies of the first and hopefully second book you publish. Talk about us manifesting some serious cash!

What do you think?

Steve Salerno said...

Liat, your intentions are honorable...though your comment does leave me wondering whether you're aware that SHAM is already, in fact, a living, breathing book. Actually, it is two books, hardcover and paperback. I'm not saying any of this piquishly; merely setting the record straight for those who may have just wandered onto SHAMblog and taken it at face value, without realizing that it's based on anything. :)

Anyway, getting back to your idea, sure, I'm all for anything that manifests some serious cash, as long as I can take some pride in the integrity of the project (either as a work of literature or a serious piece of journalistic inquiry--ideally both).

Incidentally--why does anyone who's running a stall at the Mind/Body Festival need actual, physical help? Shouldn't s/he just be able to "will it"?

Cosmic Connie said...

Even in the midst of SHAM horror stories one can find reasons to celebrate. F'rinstance, there is the recent exposé of Aussie investment scammer David Schirmer, one of the stars of 'The Secret,' on the Aussie tabloid show "A Current Affair." Sure, David was set up by the show, but still... And I have a sneaking feeling that he's far from the only Secret "teacher" who has caused folks to lose, or at least waste, great amounts of money.

Anyway, I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday, Steve.