Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Secret apology.

Blanket replies are tacky, but for what it's worth, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who've been writing to me off-blog, and whom I haven't had a chance to contact personally. I owe a special thanks to our new fans from Down Under for keeping me up to date on Secret-mania, which, not unlike the nuclear cloud in that grim Cold War classic,* has finally made Australian landfall and seemingly is just now building to the kind of critical mass that it achieved in the U.S. as winter yielded to spring. On its surface, the lag is somewhat puzzling, since Secret creator and Patient Zero Rhonda Byrne is, of course, from Australia. Then again, I can think of several excellent (for her) reasons why the project would've been kicked off in the U.S. Maybe I'll even have time to talk about it before the New Year, the way things are going...

Obviously I continue to operate in emergency mode, so all I can do at this point is promise to get SHAMblog back to its customary flow of fresh material as soon as possible.

* On The Beach (1959).


Cosmic Connie said...

The Secret got off to kind of a rough start in Australia. The story I've heard is that Rhonda Byrne's company, PrimeTime Productions, had a deal with Channel 9 in the beginning. Channel 9 was going to air the film, handle the promotion, etc. That deal fell through, and I'm sure there's an interesting story behind that, but I don't know it (yet). Anyway, once she no longer had the backing of Channel 9 Rhonda prevailed upon the "stars" of the film to do their viral marketing thing. And boy, did they ever.

I do remember that for many months, according to info on The Secret web site, the DVD was not available in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia. I'm sure it was some contractual thing, probably having to do with Rhonda's original deal with Channel 9. This is no longer the case; the web site now says, "The Secret is NOW AVAILABLE to viewers in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia." I don't know how long that has been in effect, but it could 'splain why the "Blunder From Down Under," as one wag called it, is finally taking off Down Under.

Fortunately there are lots of Aussie "journos" who are NOT fans of The Secret. And they are definitely letting their views be known.

S.H.A.M. Scam Sam said...

cnaHey Folks - three things quickly:

1. I've got a former co-worker who happens to be best friends with one of The Secret's "stars" - one of the guys who's suing the others - and he's getting me in touch with him.

2. Slate's campaign, regarding Oprah's endorsement of The Secret, is moving ahead nicely:


3. Steve, things are looking up for me (!) and I want you to know I really appreciate your hard work and concern. You're a beacon, dude.

Oh - #4, I guess - "Hey Connie!"

Cosmic Connie said...

Hey to you too, S.H.A.M. Scam Sam! You too, Steve... I hope you'll be out of "emergency mode" soon and back to blogging.

karen kelly said...

Hi Connie and everyone -

I just finished, not that long ago (and in 6 weeks, while simultaneously adopting a baby) a book called THE SECRET OF THE SECRET, which looks at the SECRET cultural wave and popularity, especially in America. I wish I could have interviewed Steve, but I wrote to him and never heard back. At any rate, the book is out and it sold to Australia, England, Brazil and France of all places. Everyone seems to be interested in figuring out why this book struck a cord, and in a way that is balanced, not simply bashing it which is easy to do. Thank you. Karen Kelly, www.karenkellywriter.com

Steve Salerno said...

Karen, thanks for writing. I don't recall receiving an interview request--and folks will tell you that, in general, I have a very good record when it comes to keeping current with my email. In any case, good luck with the book. More importantly, good luck with the new family addition!