Friday, June 15, 2007

Even shamans read Consumer Reports.*

In a nice change of pace from the doom and gloom—yet in keeping with this week's theme—I thought we might end with a bit of shaman humor, submitted off-blog by one of our regulars:

A fellow was going to buy a new car, and wanted it blessed by the local shaman. So he called the shaman from work and they discussed the ceremony: The shaman would bring a fresh lemon and coconut, the juices of which were to be sprinkled on the hood of the car to celebrate this auspicious occasion, and to invoke powers of safety and reliability and good fortune.

Then the shaman thought for a moment and asked, "What kind of car?"

The prospective buyer said, "I think it will be a Honda Accord."

The shaman responded, "Good; that's good. Hondas and Toyotas are fine, but I don't do Hyundais...."

* Fairness compels me to note that this joke is actually somewhat outdated. Though Hyundais once lagged well behind their Japanese siblings in reliability and overall roadworthiness, they now challenge the likes of Toyota and Honda in rankings by CR, J.D. Power and others.


Anonymous said...

The joke may be outdated when it comes to Hyndais but not with respect to shamans who along with psychics are the biggest scams of today. My sisters won't do a damn thing unless it's "blessed" by a shaman or psychic and together have spent thousands of dollars that they need for other things on this bs. This has made a lot of waves in the family too.
How are they allowed to stay in business! If this isn't consumer fraud I don't know what is . Tony B.

Steve Salerno said...

Tony, we live in a world in which some people will do almost anything--wait, let me amend that--will do ANYTHING in order to abdicate the responsibility to think logically; they'll insist on subscribing to magical thinking, because orderly, commonsensical thinking is too taxing or uncomfortable for them. This is particularly insidious (as I suspect may be true in your family) when people turn to shamans or psychics in order to have their own irrational feelings and instincts validated; then they come home and inflict those newly validated feelings on the people around them: "See? I told you I was right and all of you were wrong! Miss Cleo told me so!" (Because psychics, after all, know where their bread is buttered.)

Anonymous said...


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