Monday, September 17, 2007

"Ahmed, do we have the orange jump-suit in a 46-long?"

I thought that yesterday's post on Islam might ruffle some feathers, especially after one of our newly come regulars said he'd posted the link on several Islamic sites. So today I open the mailbox attached to my own professional site (, as shown in my Blogger profile)...and lo and behold, there's an email from And the subject line—all caps—says I WILL APPRECIATE YOU GET BACK TO ME. Naturally I figure it's one of our peace-loving Islamist friends, informing me that I've been put on the same list with the likes of Salman Rushdie and those Danish cartoonists. In truth, it turns out to be another one of those 'Net scams, where somebody with a huge overseas account and some incomprehensible banking snafu is willing to send me $10 million provided only that I show my good faith by wiring him $20,000 first.

Too much.

Just so you know: Normally I'd never divulge the email address of someone who contacted me off-blog, but I make an exception for people involved in con games, wire fraud, grand larceny and other assorted felonies.

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Anonymous said...

In very bad taste, Steve, but like many things in very bad taste, also very funny. Don't stop calling a spade a spade!