Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here's my thought process: Ken, you're a moron.

One of the post-game interviews after tonight's installment of the American League Championship Series found FOX's Ken Rosenthal huddling with Cleveland Indians hitting star Casey Blake. Blake's fifth-inning homer off Boston knuckleballer Tim Wakefield ignited a seven-run Indians rally that swept the team to victory over the Red Sox, bringing Cleveland to within one win of a trip to the World Series.

Rosenthal began his interview of Blake thusly: "You struck out your first time up. What was the difference in your thought process the second time?"

Blake kind of shrugged and replied: "It's a knuckleball; sometimes you hit it, sometimes you don't."

Bravo, Casey Blake! One more small blow for common sense in the unending battle against Sportsthink and other aspects of the overintellectualization of sports.

Sometimes you hit it, sometimes you don't.
Sometimes you catch the pass, sometimes you drop it.
Sometimes you sink that last-second basket, sometimes the ball goes in-and-out.
Sometimes the putt drops in, sometimes it misses the cup.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Usually there's nothing more to say than that.

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Matt Dick said...

I should have commented earlier, but it's been a busy week.

Bravo here, this is a fantastic turn of events to have an athlete admit that they basically don't know how preparation, strength, practice, positive thinking, good sleep, and study turn into hits and strikeouts.