Monday, October 15, 2007

Update: You go grandpa! And, "milking the system."*

Well, Mike Flynt, the 59-year-old footballer whose exploits generated a surprising amount of controversy on this blog a while back, has now taken the field for Sul Ross State—in a game that went triple-overtime, no less. Flynt played in nine series, reports AP, thus at least seemingly refuting those who dismissed the whole thing as a silly and potentially dangerous publicity stunt.

What struck me funny watching the YouTube clip was that Flynt may be the first college linebacker who's older than his uni number—he wears 49.

In another update of an earlier SHAMblog item, a Massachusetts appeals court has indeed granted breastfeeding med student Sophie Currier extra time to take her certification exam. Judge Gary Katzmann decreed that the accommodation was justified and proper in order to put Currier on an "equal footing" with men as well as childless or non-breastfeeding women. The Philadelphia-based medical board plans an appeal of its own.

* Before you climb all over me for my tackiness, I should point out that "milking the system" was in fact the title chosen by columnist/laywer Christine Flowers and/or her editors in Flowers' own coverage of the Currier affair.


Anonymous said...

To put the breast-feeding med student on equal ground with her contemporaries, wouldn't it make sense that the court order her to allow a trusted friend or the baby's father to feed the baby while she took the test under the same conditions as other test-takers?

Mary Anne said...

Who says this is still not a publicity stunt? This college is now being covered in the L.A. Times and Flynt is garnering publicity for them. This actually proves my entire point.

I figured the appeals court would grant Currier breastfeeding time. I hope the medical board takes it to the Supreme Court.

Steve Salerno said...

Hmmmm. Good point (re the publicity stunt). After all, I guess that what successful publicity stunts get is...publicity. Huh?

Anonymous said...

I thought you would go for the compound-pun and say "Milking the System" is "Just and expression"; or you could have replied to mary anne "I heard she lacked aide".

Steve Salerno said...

Hmmm. Not bad. I don't know about you, but these kinds of deeply metaphysical discussions always leave me feeling pretty pumped.

(And isn't this about the point at which somebody would step in, during the Python show, and say, "This sketch is getting too silly....")

Cosmic Connie said...

It *is* getting too silly. I think we'd be better off if we just duct and ran from this one.