Sunday, May 18, 2008

And while I'm on the subject of techno-oddities...

Let's call this one a "cry for help." I beg the indulgence of those who came here hoping to be engaged or entertained in some way. Right now I'm scratching my head too hard to be engaging.

So here's the deal. The same day I updated my browser and lost all of my Firefox bookmarks in one fell swoop*, my number of SHAMblog hits dropped by half. (This was Thursday, May 15.) And that's where the hit level has remained ever since. Now, I grant you, it was a thin week for fresh material, so it's possible that people just aren't as turned-on by the blog right now. Or I guess it could be "one of those things."

But half? Four days running? In fact, my page loads have reverted to a level that was more typical back in those middling days of 2006. Could it be that somehow, whatever I did affected the feeds or the code or something in the way visitors find SHAMblog? (And if what I've proposed here sounds so colossally stupid that our more technologically savvy readers are in literal ROFL mode, I apologize. Just tryin' to puzzle this through.)

All theories welcome...especially informed ones. ;)

* I've now recovered them, thanks to sage advice from any number of our kind readers.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it has something to do with your Wednesday post. You wrote yourself: I don't think I;m apt to win friends with the following thoughts. I may even lose some of you.

The Crack Emcee said...


I noticed a significant drop in visitors as well, starting on the same day, and everything.


Steve Salerno said...

Good point. A tragic one, perhaps. But a good one nonetheless.

RevRon's Rants said...

Steve, It's much more likely a glitch on Blogger's end than yours. Doubtful that anything related to your browser problem would have affected their servers' settings.

I have noticed a number of "hiccups" when trying to post comments this last week. one comment took 10 attempts before it went through, and even then, the formatting of the page that came up was askew... looked like a text document.

Chad Hogg said...

I can't see any way that changes to your local web browser would affect your blog running on someone else's server, and I can verify that the RSS feed is still working. Fewer posts than normal and reader fatigue after the behemoth that comments on the Wednesday post became would be the most likely culprits in my mind.

Mike Cane said...

Heard of the Law of Distraction?

Warm weather = outdoors = Nielsens rating drops = Net ratings drops = funfunfun in the sunsunsun.

Of course, I wouldn't have firsthand experience of this yet this year. Mid May and it's been feeling like frikkin November or March still!

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