Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the capitalists leave their Marx on history.

First of all, yes, I know this is an oversimplification, so if some MBA type or expert in government or municipal finance feels compelled to write and tell me where my reasoning went astray, that's finethough I think you're missing the forest in the trees. Now, with that out of the way:

It's ironic, isn't it, that the excesses of the free market seem to be nudging us towards a form of passive communism, i.e., wherein so many major companies and other elements of financial infrastructure are controlled (or at least propped up) by the government
and thus, in essence, owned by the masses?

Anyway, I thought so.

Also fascinating how John McCain still can't seem to make up his mind whether the U.S. economy remains "sound" or is in "total crisis." I guess his polling data, focus groups and other campaign research haven't yet yielded a firm handle on which imagery he's supposed to be selling. I'm at a loss to understand why he doesn't just release an ad that says both. To wit:

John McCain:
Because the American economy—while in total crisisremains sound.

It wouldn't be any sillier or more insulting to anyone's intelligence than the stuff he runs now. Speaking of which, and to give my wife credit once again for a hilariously insightful remark.... She's watching TV last night when That Ad comes on, the omnipresent one that gushes about how Palin supposedly nixed the "bridge to nowhere," claims that McCain "reformed Washington," and ends by promising "real change."

"But if he already reformed Washington," says Kathy, deadpan, "what do we still need change for?"

Yanno, I'm thinking she should start her own political blog
and she's not even really into politics.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, Steve, "leaving their Marx on history" -- LOL!

You know, it feels like being in the midst of some absurdist play -- or an SNL sketch. Specifically, that recurring one, started a year or two ago, with Penelope, the woman played by Kristen Wiig who compulsively tells one-up stories no matter how ridiculous her claims are.

Sorry to say this, but McCain has become Penelope in his ads and public appearances. While Obama's ads are not always 100% truthful (see, McCain's have reached the levels of absurd.

Obama says he is for change; McCain pops up, with that forced grin barely masking anger, saying, "My friends, I've always been for change. As POW, I've changed lots of stuff, more stuff than Obama who is afraid of change. Why, Obama is all for the same, all the time. I've changed my wives. Obama? Still with the same woman. I've changed my mind on economy and regulation several times this week only. Obama? He keeps saying the same boring thing over and over. I change homes at least once a month, so often that I don't even remember how many I own. Obama? Same ol' house all the time. And let me remind you, my friends, that as POW I did not even have a house, but I worked very hard at changing that as soon as I changed my wives. My whole life is about change. All change, all the time. Obama? More of the boring same.

Consistency is overrated, my friends. I am the change you should believe in. I've changed my slogan from "Country First" to "Winning First." I have changed my Straight Talk Express into a DoubleSpeak Bus within a few weeks, that's how committed to change I am. I don't let truth stand in the way of change. And I can go from nice to furious in a blink of an eye. See? I'm changing as we speak. Change is my middle name (right after POW). I'm John McCain and I change this message before it reaches your ears."

Cal said...

Sorry, Steve, I made a comment in the last post about the communism vs. capitalism issue without reading your current post. You make the same point. It was unintentional. I didn't read this current one before I made my comment.

ellen said...

Read a witty post that labelled Palin 'AK Barbie'--quite apt.

Elizabeth said...

I've heard "Caribou Barbie," Ellen. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Now that our tax payer dollars are going to bail out AIG, let us not forget that all the CEOS ousted want to keep their mula! Why are we paying proven losers? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's CEOs are going to get great severance packages as are bankrupt Lehman Brothers. Remember the days when you got paid for actually doing a good job? Isn't that a form of welfare?

Steve Salerno said...

And on a technical note: Anyone having Blogger problems this morning? I can't seem to create a new file, or make any changes in existing ones.

Mike Cane said...

Hey, Steve, have you kept up with today's economic developments?

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #216
Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #217: Do Over!

Man, it's time to stop the pretense that any of them believe in a "free market." They only believe in FREE PROFIT.