Sunday, September 07, 2008

NFL Week 1, explained.

I've been watching ESPN's 7 p.m. recap of the opening NFL weekend. This is what I took away:

The SportsCenter pundits are high on the Eagles, who won their game convincingly, because they've "got a swagger about them." But the pundits are a little worried about the Cowboys, who won their game convincingly, because they've "got a sense of entitlement about them."

OK. Now I get it.


Anonymous said...

In college football this weekend, , the Miami Hurricanes played the Florida Gators. The game pitted Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow against the guy who broke all his high school records, Robert Marve.

Tebow and the Gators rolled to a 26-3 victory. Marve went 10-of-18 for 69 yards, yet the newspaper was filled with all sorts of quotes praising Marve: "He showed a lot of composure". "He's tough as nails." "... displayed character". "... a true team leader on the field." "He built confidence today."

What a bunch of nonsense! The kid was running for his life and he was pulling sod out of his face mask all game. And his team got crushed as you would expect from a team with 3.5 yards per pass attempt.

At least nobody was quoted as saying "Obviously Tebow wanted to win the game more than Marve." But if the newspaper had enough space, I'm sure the quote would have made it to print.

Cal said...

I heard Rick Peterson (ex-pitching coach of the Mets) last week before the Mets collapsed again say something to the effect that trying too hard is just as bad as taking it easy. I believe you mentioned that in a post way back that some guru sent you an e-mail saying something similar. Peterson also said that the baseball gods may be against the Mets. No wonder his former pupil Zito may be the biggest free-agent bust ever. Mike Hampton may be #2.

Steve Salerno said...

Cal: You're in a financial setting somewhere, right? Are things insane this afternoon, with the bailout failure?

Cal said...

Hi Steve,

No, I am actually not working in a financial setting currently. I used to work in that area, but because of a family situation (my Dad's health) I had to leave the NYC area.

But where I work now, because people know from my detailed opinions about the stock market...LOL, I'm getting questions as to what to do.

I still follow investing closely so I'm sure it is bedlam in NYC. At least from what I saw during a break I took and went down to a store that had CNN on.