Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Detachment, defined.

"I for one haven't changed my investment strategy..."
Former GOP contender Mitt Romney, tonight, replying to a question from Chris Matthews about how panicked the average American should be by what's going on in the financial markets.

At the beginning of this campaign season in 2007, Romney's personal wealth was
estimated at between $190 million and $250 million. Which means that even if Mitt's taken a hit proportional to the drop in the DJIA since its historic high of October 2007 (which is doubtful, since the wealthy have better ways of leveraging their assets than do most of us), he's down by about one-third after today's close. In hard numbers, and assuming the lower starting figure of $190 million, that means Romney has to make do these days on a mere $127 million.

Let me say it plainly: The guy's got some balls in that magic underwear of his.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so Mitt want be at the food stamp counter any time soon. Good to know, since he has about twenty kids.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a pair ot three of those underpants.

Cal said...

This reminds that in the primary race, Romney's wife tried to show that they had a lot in common with the average American. She said that while her husband was pursuing his MBA (I believe at either Harvard or some other Ivy League school), that they had to live off their "investments" to make ends meet.

Steve Salerno said...

Right. Which also reminds of John McCain's great line, at the time, "If you use summer as a verb, I don't think you're my constituency."