Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm not the first to notice this, but...

...the resemblance really is uncanny. At left is former GOP presidential candidate (and current McCain-apologist-no-matter-what) Mike Huckabee. At right is Jim Nabors in character as the famously inept GI, Gomer Pyle.

Hell, they even
sound alike.

While I've (I hope) got your attention, is anyone else amused (or maybe nauseated) by all the GOP types who are now among those most visibly wringing their hands and calling for the heads of any CEOs or Wall Street types who "took advantage" of their positions? I have to tell you, I basically like Bill O'Reilly
I think that in his own mind, at least, he makes an honest attempt to be fair. I've seen O'Reilly savage politicians and criticize policies that you'd never expect to see savaged or criticized by anyone on FOX News (and no, I don't think he does it just to set up a straw man, as some have argued). But Bill, through the yearslike most of his conservative brethrenhas also been one of the loudest champions of a hands-off policy towards business: "Just leave corporate America alone and let it do what it does."* And now that it's apparent that what corporate America too often does, when left alone, is violate every rule of decency, fair play and even honest accounting, O'Reilly nightly professes outrage and demands that every single malfeasant CEO be found out and punished.

Drop it, Bill (and the rest of you). OK? You sound ridiculous. As ridiculous as John McCain sounds in that brand-new ad where he looks earnestly into the camera and says to America, "The last eight years haven't worked very well, have they...."

* That is not a direct quote. I'm summarizing O'Reilly's attitude.


Anonymous said...

"...what corporate America too often does, when left alone, is violate every rule of decency, fair play and even honest accounting"

I agree. When corporate America does this, they behave like the government - the folks who mandated that banks loan money to poor people and minorities and those with a history of not repaying their debt.

Steve, there are no sub-prime loans; only sub-prime people.

Anonymous said...

A great 'self-help' book featuring in the side-bar feed on your site:


Anonymous said...

Got another useful 'self-help' book for you, winner of the Royal Society Prize for Science 2007,
Prof Daniel Gilbert's "Stumbling on Happiness", about the weird stuff that actually makes people happy, as opposed to the cliched rubbish that is supposed to make you happy and that the majority spend a lifetime trying, in ignorant futility, to make True and Real.

Steve Salerno said...

sub-prime people? A bit harsh, no? If a bank ran ads touting its liberal policies on mortgages, and you'd always wanted to own a home, and maybe you got caught up in the fantasy...does that really make you a "sub-prime" person? A little foolish/naive/untutored, maybe. But sub-prime?

I actually mentioned Stumbling on Happiness in my recent column for the Wall Street Journal, but the reference didn't make it through the final edit.