Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One less lie McCain can tell tonight.

Notwithstanding the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street, and my cynical trilogy of posts on same (see below), there's little good news for America in the fact that the Dow fell another 733 points today; I know any number of people with pension plans and 401ks who've been breaking out in night sweats lately, and it's not because they're carrying some bizarre rainforest microbe. But if there is a sliver of a silver lining, it's that McCain can't go into tonight's debate claiming that his proposed recovery plan "calmed the fears of an anxious nation" and put us back on the path to prosperity. Oh, how that would have irked meand you can bet he would've made just that claim, no doubt even suspending his campaign again to do it.

On an only marginally related note: How sad to have a presidential debate, the final one in the series, and it's not even the most important event on TV tonight. After all, with luck, the Phils can cl
inch their first World Series appearance since 1993 (and that whole Mitch Williams/Joe Carter unpleasantness).

P.S. I am not technically a Phils' fan. Regular readers who care anything about baseball know that I'm a long-time Reds fan. But because in recent years that particular allegiance means that my fan-dom effectively ends around the All-Star break...well, a guy's gotta root for somebody, right? So this year it's Ray/Phillies. And I don't really care who wins as long as they both get there (and the Red Sox don't).

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