Monday, November 03, 2008

And the lying, unfeeling scumbags offer their condolences.

INDIANAPOLIS, November 3John McCain this afternoon alleged that Barack Obama had carefully orchestrated the sudden death of his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, as a last-minute ploy in order to win the sympathy vote and thereby, perhaps, sway some Undecideds. McCain even speculated that Dunham actually died several days ago but the news was withheld from the media in order to heighten its emotional immediacy on the eve of the election. McCain is calling for a swift investigation, and has asked that all phone records tracking calls between the Obama campaign and Hawaii be subpoenaed. He also petitioned the Federal Election Commission to deny all Hawaiians the right to vote in tomorrow's election (Hawaii having gone solidly for Kerry in 2004).

McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, wondered whether Obama had personally overseen the timing of the removal of any life support being provided to Dunham. "How interesting that the news of her death comes just in time for the 6 p.m. news in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Florida," Palin said archly at a speech in Missouri.

Palin later mused about whether Obama might have even hired his "close friend" and former domestic terrorist, William Ayers, to go to Hawaii and "take care of the job..."


Folks, I know this may seem tasteless. But that's my point: Would it even surprise you anymore?


Elizabeth said...

Steve, I felt mortified reading this post -- until I realized it's a dark satire. I sincerely hope that no one would be so cynical as to make similar accusations. And, frankly, I do not think McCain or Palin would. However, I would not be surprised to hear such low fare on assorted cable talk shows (our local Mr. Rzepkowski comes to mind, for example).

When Obama took two days off the campaign to visit his sick grandma, there were several right-wing commentators who did not have qualms about exploiting this decision for their political points. One guy, on FOX, if I'm not mistaken, begrudged Obama for using his campaign plane to fly to Hawaii. The message board where this news was announced (which I was visiting that day) lit up almost immediately with hundreds of people pledging donations to Obama's campaign to cover any and all expenses related to this and any future visits to his grandma... It was touching to see -- people were pledging 5, 10, 20 bucks, en masse, in addition to offering their sympathy and support. Curiously, not many were speaking ill about the FOX commentator or his accusations; most simply volunteered, at once, their emotional and financial support for Obama. (Which, I suspect, would not happen if the FOX dude kept his mouth closed.)

P.S. Alright, this is semi-ridiculous: the verif word is "ferawell." My loose-associating mind is revving up as I type... ;)

P.S.2. No, I don't need extra drugs, Steve, thank you. :)

Steve Salerno said...

Eliz, sometimes satire, no matter how dark and tasteless, cuts closer to the truth than we realize. I don't know if you've been receiving pamphlets and other missives from your local Republican committee in these last few days, but some of the materials I'm getting are beyond scurrilous. The innuendo and outright allegations against Obama are hard to believe. And of course, the dirty-tricks experts do this at the 11th hour so that (untutored?) recipients don't have much chance to think about it, and the candidates themselves don't have an opportunity to refute it.

I've said it before and I say it again: McCain's conduct of this campaign has obliterated every shred of respect I once had for the man. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Elizabeth said...

Steve, I don't get the GOP "literature" (I think our local GOP reps know better:), but I read right-wing news sites and blogs, so I'm familiar with the story of Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim Communist terrorist elitist, who hates our freedom and democracy and wants to steal your money and make Bolsheviks come here and rape your daughters. (Did I miss anything?)

But to go after the death of his grandmother and exploit his and his family's pain and grief for political points would be a new and simply unconscionable low, IMO. I hope we won't see that. I really do.

I agree with you on McCain. If I knew nothing else about the candidates other than how they ran their campaigns, this itself would be enough, in my mind, to disqualify McCain not only from possible presidency but also from any public office, ever. Alas, this is politics, so my rules don't apply.

Elizabeth said...

This is off-topic: I watched a TV interview with one of the comedians who called Palin pretending to be Sarkozy. The young man said that among all famous people they have called this way, only two did not realize that they were being pranked: Palin and Britney Spears.

Elizabeth said...

Well, there you have it, Steve: the wingnuts' response to Obama's grandmother's death. No low it too low. A sample (courtesy of Free Republic via Wonkette):

* They should do an ice test to see how long she’s been in the freezer.

* Better pull her absentee ‘cuz she was dead on Election Day.

* I think that “event” took place 2 weeks ago. Otherwise it would have made great political news for these last 48 hours to talk about Obama’s grandma and take the focus off of his exposed coal comments.

* Seriously, has anyone actually seen this woman in recent years? If Obama has some of his thugs guarding her (and if there is, indeed, a body) I hope they do an autopsy to make sure Granny’s passing was a natural event.

* So Barry goes and see’s granny. Granny dies day before election. She is probably one know who really knows where he was born. Well as the church lady used to say.”isn’t that special”

* This is what I think happened. He told them to pull the plug on her. Now if you bring up the bankrupting the coal industry, it will seem insensitive and cruel. I am sorry but this man is just plain evil. I know his grandmother raised him, but her success as a parent is questionable. BO’s mother was a moonbat and ol Granny was a leftist hack. That being said, I pray for her soul.

* She was swindled into raising someone else’s child. I do not believe that hussein is half white.

* My thoughts exactly pinkbell. There are probably a million people in the world that died at the same time. All these threads about it here seem a bit much. Call me what you will, but this is about as important as a dump I took a week ago.

* Is he going to tax her now that she’s dead?

* She was also a communist sympathizer along with her husband, a long and proud tradition of socialists. Oh, and good friends with Frank Marshall Davis, a signed up Communist, who they introduced little Barry to. One hell of a woman, yup.

* Murdered? It’s not murder when it’s for the chosen one. The dems will blame it on lack of universal health care and get a double bang for the buck. Obama will forgive her racism and find another family member to use and throw under the bus.

RevRon's Rants said...

Elizabeth, I felt compelled to post your comment about the Palin/Spears gullibility to my own blog. Hope you don't mind... it speaks volumes!

Elizabeth said...

No problem, Rev. Glad to be of help. The interview was on some ABC station, it may be "lookable"(?) on the Web.

(P.S. Nemesis? Ha ha...;)

Elizabeth said...

Rev, here is the video of that interview with Palin's pranksters (turns out it was on CBS -- sorry):

My French-speaking child tells me that when the fake Sarkozy makes the "hunting" remark in French, he is saying that he also loves clubbing baby seals...

The more we know... ;)

Let's just send Sarah back to Alaska today.

Anonymous said...

Palin should have known it wasn't Sarkosky. He collects stamps and Rolex watches. Hunting is not one of his hobbies, but his approval rating is in the dumper like Bush II.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, Anon, Palin should have known lotsa things. Like, for example, that spending $200,000+ (yes, see below) of other people's money on clothes for herself and her family, in less than two months, is just not right:

Or that calling your opponent awful names and making up lies about him will, first of all, backfire on you, and, second, divide people and incite hatred.

Or that it is not enough to wink, smile and repeat empty phrases to fool people into believing that you know what you're talking about.

Or... Ah, well, we know how that goes.