Thursday, May 28, 2009

And in this corner...

As some of you have surmised by now (a statement I make based on a few inquiring emails I've received), I've fallen behind in the blog. You might say I'm in one of those periods where I really need to focus on paying work.

Skeptic's Michael Shermer has given me a helping hand by posting, late yesterday, a he-said/she-said between me and two critics of my recent Skeptic piece on optimism. I've alluded to this exchange before on SHAMblog, but I invite you to read the full version online. And as always, I welcome any reactions, yea or nay.

I must also add a note of thanks to Michael for the nice little ad for SHAM he includes in my response. Much appreciated.

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Noadi said...

"Expect failure…but keep trying."
Now that is a good bit of advice. Very close to the old "Hope for the best, plan for the worst".

I'm generally an optimist but I see myself as a reasonable optimist. I want to succeed, I hope I succeed, but I'm aware that failure is a possibility. The only things I have control over are my own actions so I'm going to work hard and do as good a job as I'm capable of and be prepared in case it doesn't work out and I have to get a "real job".