Friday, July 10, 2009

'The Joneses are proud to announce their first murder-suicide.'

It still tickles me when I see stories like this, which contain lines like "so-and-so are expecting their first baby, and are now engaged." And yet in a more serious vein, I have to think that stories like that are also, too often, responsible for stories like this...which, of course, do not tickle me at all. There is no moral judgment implied or intended here; my skepticism about all this out-of-wedlock parenting is purely a matter of pragmatics.

When children are brought into the world in the absence of the emotional and financial infrastructure that should be there, heartache/tragedy of one sort or another is a too-common result.
At the very least you end up with a lot of daycare, a lot of latchkey kids. Maybe a downbeat outcome isn't so inevitable in Hollywood, where there's enough money to buy a workable support network. But for those of us in the real world, the whole thing strikes me as sad, if not downright scary.

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Stever Robbins said...

Being a parent, one of the most important jobs in the world, comes with no qualification requirements. In fact, from a passing-on-the-genes point of view, an unwed guy having sex with a gazillion women probably has a better chance of passing his genes along than a monogamous, hard-working father of two. Not so good for society, but great for his genes.

Let's not forget the legions of same-gender or single-person households who would love to be able to adopt unwanted children, care for them, educate them, and love them. In many places, alternative families are prohibited from adopting by law or custom.